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Healthy Facts On Popcorn > Hulless Popcorn-Diverticulitis

21 Mar 2008

The term ” hulless popcorn” is somewhat misleading.  All popcorn kernels have a hull.  When kernels are heated, a drop of water within the hull turns to steam.  As the steam rises in temperature it builds pressure until it bursts through the hull.  No hull, no popped popcorn.

The hulless varieties have a very small kernel and therefore produce little or no hull when they are popped.  The larger hull of standard varieties breaks into pieces lodging itself in the center of the fluff.  The hull of the hulless varieties expands out become part of the fluff of the popcorn.  Hulless varieties produce more delicate pieces of gourmet popcorn.

Hulless kernels are a favorite for the light and delicate popcorn they produce.  They are also a favorite in the medical community.  It’s recommended by dentists and orthodontists.  Their patients with dental restrictions, such as dentures, braces, orthodontics or other fragile dental work can still enjoy popcorn

It’s also recommended to patients who suffer from diverticulitis.  Diverticulitis is a gastrointestinal disorder that would prevent anyone who suffered from it from eating a product like regular gourmet popcorn with it’s small seeds and bits of hard shell.  Thanks to hulless popcorn, many doctors are letting patients enjoy popped popcorn again.

With this long string of positives there is one drawback.  Hulless popcorn does pop up a lot smaller, due to its smaller hull.  For all it’s advantages though, it’s worth popping up a little more of your favorite variety to make up the difference.


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